Wednesday Warriors

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Wednesday Warriors are a group of very talented volunteers that come to the ILC&S campus each week to complete different property improvement tasks.

Below is a list of their 2013 accomplishments- Our campus would not be the same with out them!

If you would like to become a Wednesday Warrior, please contact the church office.

1/2/ 13 – Warriors on New Year’s Day holiday

1/9/13 – Dismantled and placed (4) large Christmas trees in cartons and stored them along with several boxes of Christmas decorations in the maintenance building…Also stored the manger scene and associated pieces in the maintenance building…. All display areas were vacuumed and cleaned as needed…

1/16/13 – Trimmed trees on w/s of FLC….Installed (1) large security light on west wall of FLC… Repaired (3) window screens on w/s of FLC… Cleaned up around the outside of maintenance building…

1/23/13 – Replaced bad light bulbs in various locations- the narthex, in hallway at entrance to youth room and in the overhead canopy lights adjacent to 3rd grade classroom… Cleaned up area around the mower shed and inspected the roof for damaged areas requiring new plywood and new shingles…

1/30/13 – Replaced roof on n/s of storage shed, s/s roof appears ok… (n/s was leaking badly) Note: this was an “all day” job with trips to store for additional supplies, as needed

2/6/13 – Began cleaning out lawn mower shed* (50% completed)…Installed new sink countertop supports in girls restroom @ FLC…Installed (2) new “LED” exit signs in gym @FLC…Installed new batteries in several emergency lights in hallway of FLC…Installed (2) new “LED” emergency light fixtures, (1) in gym & (1) in 6th grade classroom…New garage door locking handle was installed on lawnmower shed on 2/8/13…also, all rollers were lubricated… *(Hauled(2) loads to county land fill)

2/10/13 – Picked up donated golf cart and hauled by trailer to church maintenance building

2/13/13 – Existing (4) sitting chairs in “cry room” are to be re-upholstered (will begin with two)… Existing park bench by FLC entrance is being repaired (work should be done in two weeks)… Installed new sink countertop supports in boys restroom @ FLC – painted both countertop supports…New doorstop installed on 1st grade door…installed new electrical outlet in sanctuary north of sacristy…Cleaned out an additional area of the maintenance building… A golf cart has been recently donated, along with (6) new batteries and a charger…Golf cart is in very good condition…Bill to use in making his rounds on campus…

2/20/13 – Replaced (3) overhead light bulbs and (1) ballast in another fixture in the gym (scaffolding used)….Support-cable repair was made on (1) volleyball net in the gym (now back in service) ….Installed new door stop on solarium door….Installed new bulbs in lamps atop both the church organ and piano in the sanctuary….Repairs have been completed in the men’s restroom in narthex (bad drainpipe under slab replaced by plumber)

2/27/13 – Replaced frayed electrical cords on (3) large floor fans located in gym (Installed new 25’ cords on each fan)…….Painted A/C grills at several locations….Trimmed up trees and weeds along soccer field fence line….

3/6/13 – Reworked underground gutter drainpipe adjacent to canopy walkway…Reworked existing landscape timbers at top of sidewalk ramp…re-located large picnic table from playground shelter building to patio area next to 2nd grade classroom…Cleaned out attic area of church mower shed and hauled to county landfill…Patched several small holes found in roof area with tar to prevent water damage

3/13/13 – Removed flat tire on church mower for repair…Replaced (3) bad bulbs and (1) ballast in gym ceiling light fixtures (used scaffolding)…Repaired yellow traffic marker stake again in main parking lot…Re-painted men’s restroom wall after repairs were completed by plumber (broken elbow on drain pipe found behind wall and below slab)…Repaired short (3) rail wooden fence on w/s of FLC

3/20/13 – Replaced (2) exterior lighting timers for FLC and school office building…Replaced bad emergency light fixture in s/e corner of gym….Fixed broken caster wheels and added more bracing to both large “rolling” whiteboards located on e/s of stage in gym

3/27/13 – Installed newly repaired front tire on church mower…Installed (2) new ballasts and (6) new fluorescent bulbs in school offices and kitchen…Tightened the bolts on piano bench in sanctuary…Made additional adjustments on vanity walls in sanctuary…Buried exposed portion of underground electrical grounding cable along s/s of gym…Trimmed a few tree branches on s/s of gym…Removed weeds from stairway behind kitchen @FLC…Requested electrical contractor (Gaylord/Miller) to make repairs on our sanctuary lights (dimming system)…(1) of (2) breakers was found to be bad on a control box…a new breaker is to be ordered…meanwhile, existing good breaker has capacity to handle entire load

4/3/13 – Installed ropes and set (9) vertical 4”x 4”x 8’ posts to implement a “No Parking” area on the east side of the gym…Trimmed hedges along the north side of FLC and removed all trimmings…Met with TECO Representative to perform an energy audit of all our buildings… All FLC roof repairs now completed by Wilbur Roofing

4/10/13 – Fixed emergency light in gym …Installed new flapper valve & sink faucet in restroom by school offices…Repaired/installed yellow traffic marker post in main parking lot (3rd time)… Leveled /reworked stepping stones and improved landscaping around FLC entrance park bench…Cleaned/flushed out large portion of FLC roof drains…Painted (3) flat benches and (1) park bench at s/s of patio area…Painted picnic table by tree and a (3) rail wooden fence on w/s of FLC…Painted (2) exit doors on w/s of FLC…Installed flowering plants along n/s of FLC…Called repairman (Artic Air) to fix ice maker in FLC kitchen (it stopped making ice)

4/17/13 – Installed (2) pallets of bahia sod over area on east side of gym, previous used as a parking area…Installed sod in (3) locations, crossing the bare areas to help prevent soil erosion while irrigation system repairs are being made

4/24/13 – Rented outdoor 35’ boom lift for the day…Heavy trimming done to palms and oak trees around gym and playground…Most of the debris hauled away to county landfill ((3) trips made)…Repainted (4) exit doors on FLC & the door to the sanctuary A/C equipment room

5/1/13 – Picked up all remaining tree trim debris from behind gym and hauled to county landfill (used (1) large borrowed trailer and (1) pick-up truck)…Repositioned refrigerator in youth room to east wall…Cleaned up area around damaged wall and installed caution tape…Installed new light bulb at FLC entrance…All went to late breakfast at the “Recipe Box” (This was Fred Dieter’s last workday until he returns from South Dakota in the fall…Good food and fellowship was had by all)

5/8/13 – Installed ½ pallet of bahia sod along property line behind FLC and remainder was installed on east side of gym…Repaired (1) ceiling light fixture in gym (used scaffolding)…Replaced (1) bad light bulb in sanctuary ceiling (used giant ladder),(1) bad light @ alter soffit… Replaced (1) bad light bulb @ FLC entrance and (1) bad light bulb in narthex…Repaired park bench by FLC entrance

5/15/13 – Mowed soccer field (Ted took care of this job)…Rest of us helped Vicki Aden move her father’s furniture from Sun City Center residence to her home in Brandon (used (4) pick-up trucks)

5/22/13 – Repaired (3) book racks on back of pews in sanctuary…Repaired exit light at FLC entrance… Repainted church sign post @ corner of Lumsden and Parsons…Repaired church trailer and then hauled scrap metal and aluminum cans to metal dealer…

5/29/13 – Cut soccer field grass…Cleaned out (2) underground 4” pvc drainpipes for solarium roof downspouts…Dug-up and repaired (1) underground 4” pvc drainpipe for south breezeway roof downspouts (2’ piece of 4” ug pipe was missing)…Installed (1) new 9” square underground drainage box for better removal of standing water by 2nd grade door in patio area (also placed some new sod around drainage box)

6/5/13 – Trimmed trees and shrubs along north property line by parking lot wall…Removed tree debris from retention pond and hauled to county collection site…Trimmed oak tree branches over-hanging nursery roof and also cleaned leaves from gutters & flushed with hose…Brought up extra chairs from FLC to sanctuary and also moved extra chairs from youth room to sanctuary for upcoming funeral services…Moved ping pong table and foosball table to gym for summer…Delivered new cabinets and countertops for youth room from store to church (used (2) pick-up trucks and it rained)

6/12/13 – Cut soccer field grass today…Installed new 2’x4’ ceiling tiles in janitor’s room in FLC to eliminate A/C leaks…Installed low wattage bulbs in soffit area by school office and in canopy over sidewalk by 3rd grade…Removed leaves from gutters @ church entrance… Repaired wiring for overhead canopy light @ church entrance (squirrel ate thru wiring)… Replaced (2) bad T-8 light bulbs in ceiling fixture @ youth room entrance…New floor cabinets with new countertops were installed today in youth room by Deb Albers, Del Zimmerman and Ted Cranmer (cabinets were purchased by our church’s Ladies Guild)

6/19/13 – Cut soccer field grass…Installed (12) low wattage bulbs in breezeway ceiling by church office…Trimmed trees & shrubs along north property line, by white wall, also along mower shed and around playground area (hauled away most of debris today to county landfill site)…Installed (2) UG – 4” pvc drainpipes to better remove standing water coming from a roof downspout and a sidewalk deck drain….this work area is located behind 6’ fence, outside the south breezeway exit…

6/26/13 – Installed (2) pallets of sod in area next to gym and watered same…Completed work on underground storm water drainage system in area outside Pastor B’s office (extended 2 – 4” UG drain pipe from west end of sidewalk drain & from (1) gutter downspout, both running to a new “French drain”)…Replaced bad fluorescent bulbs in men’s restroom & (1) spotlight on soffit above alter in sanctuary…

7/3/13 – Warriors on holiday

7/10/13 – Warriors on holiday

7/17/13 – Installed (4) new electrical outlets along top of new countertop in youth room (Each outlet is on a separate breaker good for 16 amps)….Repairs on wall at main entrance that was hit by a pickup truck has been completed…(Electrical outlets have been added to each pillar for future needs)….Replaced (9) missing fasteners on large floor fans located in gym (less noisy now)

7/24/13 – Installed A/C duct foam insulation wrap on A/C equipment coolant lines on w/s of FLC… Relocated (1) 30 ft utility pole, laying by fence, to parking area on w/s of FLC…Re-aligned (6) large 25 ft railroad timbers along existing county sidewalk at area on e/s of gym… Repaired torn areas in the ceiling insulation backing at several locations in gym (used scaffolding)…Replaced (1) bad bulb in gym ceiling light fixture (used scaffolding)… Repositioned new speaker wire higher up on north wall, above exit doors in gym…(used scaffolding)…Began installing new desk tops in 5th grade classroom(completed six)

7/25/13 – Installed (2) more pallets of bahia sod in area on e/s of gym (this sod was delivered late yesterday due to wet conditions at sod farm in south Florida)

7/31/13 – Installed remaining (16) desk tops for 5th grade classroom…Installed more A/C pipe insulation on A/C coolant lines at (2) A/C equipment locations on n/s of FLC…Installed (9) new T-8 ceiling light fixtures in 3rd grade classroom ( old fixtures were set aside for scrap metal sales)…Installed new light bulbs, (1) at sanctuary alter, (1) in narthex…While removing (1) bad bulb in sanctuary ceiling, existing bulb broke off inside recessed fixture, this light to re-worked next week…Adjusted exterior timer controlling outside lights on FLC

8/7/13 – Replaced bad bulb in sanctuary that broke off in ceiling recessed fixture last week (used scaffolding, set between pews)…Relocated classroom furniture from 2nd grade classroom to maint. Building…Replaced approx. (9) missing screws on the (4) large floor fans in gym (fan grills were loose and rattling)…Helped with moving chairs and tables in youth room and science classroom to enable floor cleaning and waxing(old, inoperative under-counter freezer was moved to maint. building, possibly for scrap metal)…Replaced (1) bad electrical wall outlet in gym, used for floor fan near kitchen area…Replaced (5) 2’ x 2’ ceiling tiles in 3rd grade classroom…Installed new screws on doorknob assembly on “sick room” door at school office building(found doorknob not working due to broken screws)

8/14/13 – Adjusted door locks on stalls in men’s room to operate better…Prepared school drop off lane for painting by removing all loose sand and pebbles from roadway in areas to be painted…Painted the speed bumps, crosswalks, traffic arrows and edges of steps along the school drop off lane…Blew off loose sand and pebbles from speed bumps and traffic arrows in north parking lot and painted same with new yellow paint…Installed tarp on damaged area of mansard roofing, in patio area – this is temporary measure to keep rain out of attic area. This area will be repaired next week using scaffolding

8/17/13 – Painted (5) classroom doors today with two coats each (sherbet orange) and touched up (2) additional doors…Removed cob webs and other critters from windows and soffits over walkways around all upper level classroom buildings (used shop vac)

8/21/13 – Repaired damaged area of mansard roofing in patio area….used existing spare shingles and #30 pound felt to make repairs (used scaffolding)…Existing security light removed to make roof repairs (light to be relocated to pole for time being)…Added mulch ( approx (15) bags) to large playground area and inspected playground equipment and tightened any parts found to be loose (minor work still required on (1) slide)…Replaced bad light bulb at gym exit door (north side/east end)…Note: worked additional (4) hours to complete roof repairs

8/24/13 – Installed new lens cover on (1) – 4’ ceiling light fixture in 2nd grade classroom…Applied tar, “black jack”, to area of roof on the kindergarten classroom building, found to be leaking yesterday during a heavy rain

8/28/13 – Installed (1) large 4’x 8’ whiteboard for student use in classroom for Title One teacher… Inspected/repaired (1) large 48” red floor fan in gym…Set (1) 16’ post adjacent to patio area and installed an existing security light to pole….Installed 30’ of new electrical wiring to feed the security light…Contacted TECO to report area light not burning on n/s of main church parking lot (52-23)

9/4/13 – Repaired broken irrigation line near flower garden…(2) pipes here…2” pvc found cracked – replaced tee & reworked existing 2” pvc pipe and existing 1” pvc pipe to fix leak…Installed new stainless steel chain on all (4) swings located on playground (old chains were rusty)… Installed new cabinet locks for teacher (tutor) located in office on westside of 2nd grade classroom building…Installed (2) more pallets of bahia sod in area adjacent to gym… A student reported another irrigation pipe leaking and spraying water into the air near playground area later this day….shut off well pump and marked leak with traffic cone – will make repairs here on upcoming Saturday workday…

9/11/13 – Installed (2) red reflectors to concrete pillar at parking lot entrance…Replaced bad light bulb in overhead fixture at church entrance canopy…Inspected floor fans in gym and replaced missing grill fasteners…Replaced bad electrical outlet in gym…Installed new support brackets on ¾” pvc water pipe located on north wall of FLC …Installed approx. (12) fasteners at several locations on upper gable end of maintenance building (panels were loose and warping – now good and flat)…Warriors did walk-about of campus grounds and discussed upcoming maintenance projects and various items needing future attention…Placed existing 3” pvc conduit back thru existing rubber grommet into attic – pipe had slipped out of grommet, leaving attic exposed to wasps and rain – this grommet is located on mansard roof on east side of 1st grade classroom (pipe carries cables)

9/18/13 – Installed (1) – 4’ x 8’ whiteboard in 3rd grade classroom building … Removed (16) existing old, surface mounted, 4’ fluorescent light fixtures (T – 12 type bulbs) and installed (12) new energy saving, surface mounted, 4’ fluorescent light fixtures (T-8 type bulbs) – salvaged the used fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts – also placed metal fixtures in scrap metal trailer for future sale – This lighting upgrade was done in the kindergarten classroom building and took about (7) hours for the “warriors” crew to complete – now room is bright!

9/25/13 – (Note: rained all morning)…Vacuumed out school bus…Wiped off seats and repaired several minor tears….Repaired all loose “chicken wire” screening above storage closets in gym… Installed (1) new fluorescent light fixture (T-12, 2-bulb) with 10’ of armor-clad cable in lawn mower shed…Cleaned out a small section of maintenance bldg. (old paint cans were removed for disposal)…Fixed reflector on one of the four canopy lights at church entrance

10/2/13 – Added new bracing & hardware to stabilize slide on n/s of playground (no wiggle now)… Removed old, rusty metal roofing over outside storage area on n/s of mower shed…(to be replaced)…”Culled out” existing repair material (lumber & pvc) found unusable and re-organized the outside storage racks @ mower shed…also, did general “clean-up” around shed and re-stacked existing spare timbers adjacent to shed…Repaired doors on computer room and on sports equipment closet in gym…Installed new box drain and a section of 4” pvc drainpipe to improve standing water removal in area adjacent to south breezeway entrance area

10/9/13 – Installed (2) more pallets of bahia sod on property located on e/s of gym and watered same…Installed 8’ rubber door seal on bottom of garage door @ mower shed (old door seal found badly deteriorated)…Added additional 2’x 4’ bracing to existing roof support framework @ outside storage area on n/s of mower shed…Provide labor assist to A/C contractor (French) to “hand carry” (2) pieces of large a/c equipment (air handler and condensing unit – 10 Ton System) to permanent resting sites…Removed most of (2) large podocarpus plants in way of new A/C unit, leaving only (2) – small stumps to be removed

10/16/13– Installed a new metal roof over outside storage area on n/s of mower shed…Removed (2) – short stumps with chain saw in area adjacent to new A/C unit…Reworked the existing wiring to feed a new light fixture installed in the volleyball equipment storage area on n/s of gym (fixture is equipped with a safety cage enclosure)…Installed small anchor on end of white rope chain on w/s of church main entrance

10/23/13– Installed a lattice work privacy screen across n/s of mower shed to improve appearance… Straightened our church sign post @ corner of Parsons/Lumsden (was leaning)…Hung a new bulletin board in 3rd grade classroom and removed spare chairs to maint. building for storage…Adjusted timer for outside lights at FLC, found trip pointer loose and lights burning during daylight….Removed several old decayed landscape timbers from lot on e/s of gym….Trimmed up tree along n/s of mower shed….Walt reworked water hose attachment connection on sprinkler system – he added an additional shut-off valve here, outside n/e corner of gym, behind a/c unit (this allows for better hand-watering with a garden hose being feed from our sprinkler system)…Note: sprinkler system is fed by our church’s 300 ft well, which provides “free” water

10/30/13– Assisted Bill Webb to install new “School Office” sign – Bill designed & built the sign… Washed down concrete block wall on n/s of FLC – mildew gone…Replaced old, bad exterior wall light on w/s of FLC (used scaffolding)…Replaced 4’ fluorescent light bulbs at various locations – (5) in girls locker – room @ FLC, (6) in hallway areas @ FLC, (1) in Nursery restroom, (1) in Youth room…Replaced (1) bad MH light bulb in canopy fixture @ Church entrance…Added new base supports and new 2” wheels on rolling “whiteboard” in gym… Screwed down loose or warped areas on gable end panels @ maintenance building for future painting to be done (used scaffolding)…Replaced missing bolts on leg supports of (1) round folding “event” table in gym…Knocked down all wasp nests found on soffit located around maintenance building…Installed bolts on “school bus” sun visor @ bus garage…Dismantled old rusty volleyball net post – to be sold as scrap metal…Replaced several “water stained” ceiling tiles in FLC hallway and in Youth room

11/6/13 – Installed additional exterior wall light on w/s of FLC (these lights “light up” parking area)… Replaced (4) existing air filters in each of the (2) ceiling mounted A/C units in gym (scaffolding used)…Installed (2) new ballasts in ceiling fluorescent light fixture located in south end of breezeway…Measured for future ceiling repair in janitor storage room adjacent to 1st grade classroom

11/13/13– Prepared site (25’x4’) along n/s of gym and adjacent to sidewalk for concrete pour….. Hand mixed approx. 35-40 bags of concrete and poured into place…..Floated, troweled, did a light broom sweep and cut in expansion joints….Removed safety cones after a few days…..job completed…..Total pour was approx. (1) cubic yard

11/20/16– Prepared site (46’x4’) along n/e corner of gym and adjacent to sidewalk for concrete pour… Hauled (2) ready mixed, concrete filled, trailers (each holding (1) cu. yd.) from supplier located at corner of Kingsway and MLK Blvd to the school property…..Made a continuous pour using wheel barrows and shovels….Floated, troweled, did a light broom sweep and cut in expansion joints…..Excess concrete was poured along backside of sidewalk at the s/e corner of our property creating a narrow apron or ramp to improve entrance to private drive running across the southernmost 15’ of our rear property….Removed all safety cones after a few days….Job completed…..Total pour was approx. (2) cubic yards

11/27/13– Warriors on holiday (Thanksgiving)

12/4/13 – Warriors met at “Ben’s” for breakfast and fellowship….A good time was had by all

12/11/13– Monitored the repair work on our lift station (both 5hp pumps not working)….Jim Dunger is the plumber….Blockage removed from south pump and is now working…..North pump “lift out” support handle broke….Plumber to pull this pump out when back-up pump is available from pump supplier in a few days, just in case it is not working….New locks installed on both well cover door and control panel door….Trimmed pvc sleeve level with walk on last concrete pour and installed “No Parking” sign….Installed (2) new T-8 light bulbs in youth room and (1) 60w bulb in girl’s restroom at VPK #2…..Moved church trailer from behind maint. building to w/s of mower shed to clean up area for “Living Nativity”….Cut up old landscape timbers and other debris stacked along north wall of maint. building, loaded on (2) pick-up trucks and hauled to county landfill on SR 579 for “Living Nativity”… Set up temporary steps at north parking lot wall and installed (2) handrails on same for use during the “Living Nativity”….Re-arranged office wall partitions, as requested, in school office area….Installed (2) pallets of bahia sod on property adjacent to gym and watered same

12/18/13– Replaced (3) bad floodlight bulbs in raised area, above alter and behind cross….Removed old heavy, rusty BBQ grill and plastic barrel from area behind wall adj. to 3rd grade classroom to clean up area…..Sprayed “round-up” on all weeds in same area…..Installed (2) new door stops (floor mounted) in boys locker room@ FLC….Trimmed plants under church sign and by “above ground” waterline (back-flow preventer)…Stored box of safety vests and flashlights used for “Living Nativity” parking (also, all batteries were tested)… Temporary MH porch with handrails, used for “Living Nativity” was loaded on pick-up and returned to dealer in Plant City, along with our thanks for free usage….Replaced bad outdoor electrical outlet mounted on breaker panel adj. to (2) A/C units located above “flower garden”….Installed new foam pipe insulation on A/C coolant lines on (2) units at same location….Removed mildew on portion of church wall facing parking lot and along portion of 3’ wall facing John Moore Rd….Replaced (1) bad exit light in hallway with new “LED” type & repaired (1) exit light in hallway and (1) exit light on wall in gym…. Removed weeds from canopy gutter at church entrance…Repaired yellow flexible traffic marker at parking lot entrance (4th time)

12/25/13– Warriors on Christmas holiday

1/1/14 – Warriors on New Year’s Day holiday