Sunday School

Our Sunday School for 2013-2014

Every Sunday our kids are on the move!
Right after the first service we all gather in the breezeway and have a cookie (or two).
Then, at 10 am, the older gang goes down to the lower classroom where they have challenging discussions led by Mr. Phil.
The 5th & 6th graders duck into the Solarium and search through fascinating Bible history stories.
Children who are 2 years old and all those up through 4th grade go over to the school office building where they have music, short stories, and good old “together time.”
The teachers then take their classes to individual home rooms for the lesson of the week.
The time just flies by and at 10:45 the kids look for their parents. It’s a great opportunity for our Immanuel children to come together after a busy week from all different schools and sports schedules. What a perfect time for them to form lasting friendships in their church family.
We begin at 10:00 AM SHARP (Don’t Be Late!!) 

ibelieveinssSUNDAY SCHOOL KIDS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE!This is a new year with a new plan.

Every class has its very own Home Room, a place where they can “Grow…in Christ” as they grow in friendships with other classmates. Remember, Sunday School kids attend different schools during the week so it’s important that they have the opportunity to be together as a church family every Sunday morning.

Don’t worry, Parents! We haven’t forgotten about you this year.  Since your children will go directly to their classrooms at 10 am, you are free to get your second cup of coffee in the Youth Room, sit down and relax for awhile with other parents, grandparents, and friends. Pastor Brammeier will lead you all in Bible-based discussions — often relating to the same things your children are learning.

Sunday morning … quick but fun breakfast, jump in the car (count the kids), race to church (but don’t get a ticket), then relax and enjoy being in the Word with friends and family.

It’s a plan that will work!


Our Sunday School leaders are an amazing group of people who love Jesus and teach because they WANT to.
As parents, we need to lend our support by getting our families to Sunday School every week so we can be “in the Word” all together.

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