Assistance During Services


Altar Guild Sanctuary Angels
The Guild is responsible for the preparation of the Altar area to ensure it is ready for worship services.
Contact: Faith Plumb
Making sure that everything is ready for worship services, these servants straighten the Service Books and Bibles in the pew racks, remove any loose paper or items left behind, and resupply the pencils, communion cards, and attendance books. This is a one-day per week (weekday) activity that usually takes about an hour or less.
Contact: Church Office
Greeters Acolytes
Greeters welcome visitors to Immanuel’s three worship services and also provide needed information and assistance.
Contact: Church Office
These young people support the ministers during the worship service by lighting and extinguishing altar candles, carrying the cross during processions, and assisting the Communion teams.
Contact: Church Office
Ushers  ILC Board of Elders
The usher teams serve during worship services in various ways, including helping worshippers with seating, helping with the offering, and providing an orderly system for Communion distribution.
Contact: Kerry Drake
 The Board of Elders is responsible for the stewardship of all spiritual activity of the congregation.They are to assist the Pastors in the spiritual care of the congregation and in matters that pertain directly to worship.
1.  Supervising the training of ushers, acolytes and the Altar Guild.
2.  Setting the time, schedule and number of communion services, in conjunction with the pastors.
3.  Encouraging and fostering the spiritual growth in the Word of every member of the Congregation using membership and attendance records as a guide.

Joey Cheek
Art Daven
Kerry Drake
Dave Ervast
Patrick McMullen
Tom Proeschel
Lee Roberts
Tony Russo
Tom Smith
Jack Stallings