9-14-14 Parable of the Merciful King and Unmerciful Servant

Matthew 18:21-35
Parable of the Merciful King and Unmerciful Servant

Verses 21-22 Peter’s Conversation with Jesus
How much should we forgive?
Are there limits to forgiveness?Verses 23-35 The ParableIntroduction to the Parable:Verses 23 The Kingdom of heaven is like a forgiving King
The King wants to settle his accountsParable Part 1 The King and The Servant

Verses 24-25 Money owed and payment demanded
Inability to pay – debt way too large
Whole family sold into slavery

Verses 26-27 Patience asked for
Release and Forgiveness given (out of the heart )

Parable Part 2 The Servant and His Fellow-servantVerse 28 Money owed and payment demanded
Ability to pay – debt relatively smallVerse 29-30 Patience asked for
No forgiveness given and
imprisonment made
No mercy – AT ALL
Parable Part 3 The Other Servants, the King and the Evil Servant

Verse 31 The report to the King
(Evil servant ratted out)

Verses 33-34 When forgiveness is given “it is necessary” for forgiveness to be shared
not out of Law but out of the heart
We should be merciful as God has been merciful to us

Verse 35 You will be treated as you have treated others

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