8-10-14 Funerals

“Funerals – Why they are so important to Christians”
Luke 7:11-17

Jesus’ Authority

  • Jesus’ authority over death
  • Jesus’ authority over everything

Jesus’ compassion

  • Jesus felt it
  • Jesus expressed: “stop weeping”
  • Luke’s expression of compassion in chapter 23:
    “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they’re doing.”
    Soldiers – utterly ignorant, committing the worse possible sin, completely out of control, destroying an utterly innocent noble and truthful life.
  • Jesus’ compassion led Him to speak those words – in fact Jesus compassion led Him to the cross to die for the sins of the world.
  • The Father raises Jesus from the dead as the Lord over death, the Lord over sin.

Jesus’ compassion (and authority) raises the widows son

That same authority and compassion will raise you from the dead.

Therefore if I should die, bury me as a Christian and no other way. (Reverend Scott R. Murray’s Article)

  • If I should die, I pray to die in faith.
  • If I should die, give me a Christian burial.
  • If I should die, give me a church funeral.
  • If I should die, sing lots of those great Lutheran hymns.
  • If I should die, my funeral must be public.

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