11-9-14 Quacks like a Duck- Veterans Day






Quacks like a duck

Veteran’s Day

November 9, 2014

Old Testament Reading – Amos 5:18-24

Epistle – 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

The Gospel – Matthew 25:1-13

Armed Services Prayer

Leader: We confess that the human family cannot

always live together in harmony. Even as

we try to work for peace, whether in our

personal life or the affairs of the nation,

we find ourselves at war.

People: Only Your forgiveness and love can

bring peace to our personal lives, to

our country, and to the world. Lord, let

Your love work in our hearts.

Leader: We pray for the members of our Armed

Forces who serve on land, sea and air; for

those who safe guard our shores and

those called to bear arms around the


People: Heavenly Father, keep those serving in

the Armed Forces from harm, and give

them strength and courage to do their

duty, especially those who work to

bring order to the Middle East; protect

them and let Christ’s love shine

through them.

Leader: We pray for the Veterans Administration

chaplains who share your love and

healing with injured and disabled veterans

throughout our country.

People: Lord, give our VA chaplains

perseverance as they labor to bring

healing to those who bear scars of war

and suffer sorrowful memories and

terrifying dreams. Give the VA

chaplains patience and a rich measure

of love.

Leader: We lift up to you the chaplains who serve in

prisons and jails working with a community

that is out of sight and isolated from the

mainstream of life.

People: We bring before you those who minister in

prisons, as they serve inmates separated

from family and loved ones and unable to

share in productive civilian and

community work. We pray our chaplains

faithfully share the Word of God, so that

those in confinement find freedom in the

Gospel of Christ.

Leader: We pray for pastors who serve double duty,

both as reserve and guard chaplains,

especially those mobilized to active duty and

deployed away from home.

People: Surround our reserve and guard chaplains

with love; bless families and parishes

during times of separation; let them find

sustaining strength in Word and

Sacrament, and give joy to their


Leader: We also pray for the work of Civil Air Patrol


People: Bless our chaplains who offer moral

training to young boys and girls; let the

example of Christ be central to their

instruction and the character development

of the coming generation.

All: May Your love, O God, sustain our

chaplains and the men and women of the

Armed Forces whom they serve, as we

seek to complete Your mission to share

the love of Christ with the world; through

Jesus Christ, Your Son our Lord, who lives

and rules with You and the Holy Spirit,

now and forever. Amen.

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