10-26-14 Reformation Sunday


THE FIRST READING – Revelations 14: 6-7

THE EPISTLE –Romans 3:19-28

Reformation Sunday
October 26, 2014

(Luther’s German Mass – Adapted)
Luther’s German Mass of 1526 was a response to the Lutheran leadership of the time to bring some continuity to worship. Many Pastors were writing their own services which in many cases were poorly done. The choral service we are using this morning for Reformation Sunday follows the tradition of Luther’s German Mass of 1526, in which parts of the liturgy are replaced with hymns.
The Reformation was a movement in the 16th century led by a pious monk named Martin Luther to correct unbiblical teaching and practice in the church of that day. It’s effects were not only positive and beneficial to the church, they were also beneficial to society as well. Many of the historical movements, both of the church and the state, towards ‘freedom and liberty’ have their roots in the Reformation of Martin Luther.
Grace alone, faith alone, through the Scripture alone! This was Luther’s cry to the world that day. It is what we celebrate and hold dear as well. A blessed Reformation Sunday to you all!

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